Friday, August 20, 2010

eating out

At the first magazine I worked for -- Bombay Magazine -- restaurant reviews were called 'Eating Out'. I've worked in several places since the magazine -- sadly -- closed down in 1991 and have written restaurant reviews in many of them. In each of those places, the reviews had their own name tags. But to me, in my mind, I still call it 'eating out'. It's simple, it's true and for many years, it was the cornerstone of my lunchtime -- I always ate out. (Very often at dinnertime too.)
This is an attempt to collect the restaurant reviews which I have written in recent times, right now for the newspaper DNA or Daily News and Analysis.
The first magazine I worked for was called Bombay and that also has been the cornerstone of my existence. These restaurants are all in Mumbai. As I get the hang of this, I'll be posting past and current reviews. I'll also be updating them as and when I revisit any of them.
So get your cutlery ready while I sharpen my knives...

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